Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

From routine tax compliance solutions to more complex tax planning solutions for individuals and businesses we ensure our clients remain tax compliant while minimising tax exposures, and optimising tax reliefs and shelters where we can.


Prepares and submits all types of tax returns on behalf of clients to the Revenue Commissioners while specialising in advising on the availability of tax exemptions and reliefs. We also support clients with any revenue investigations.


We provide a range of tax planning and consultancy services for individuals who require advice on tax credits, annual tax returns, Income Tax, Gift/Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty. When it comes to annual tax returns we work with many individuals who may be PAYE workers or who are not registered for Income Tax and who may own rental properties and be in receipt of deposit Interest or Share Dividends and are required to return the rental profit/deposit interest/ share dividends to the Revenue Commissioners. Our personalised and expert service allows us to understand our clients’ issue then assist them in arranging their affairs in the most tax-efficient manner.


We collaborate with Solicitors, Auctioneers and Accountants who come across taxation issues for their clients on a daily basis. We provide a comprehensive service that includes advise on minimising the tax liabilities payable by disponers and beneficiaries through the use of various reliefs and tax shelters available while also preparing and submitting all the necessary tax returns to the Revenue Commissioners.


We work with businesses and farmers to put in place early succession planning which is vital to secure a tax-efficient transfer of an individual’s business or farming assets. When transferring a business or farming enterprise there are significant Capital Taxes implications so we work with our clients and their accountant and solicitor to identify the most practical and effective financial, taxation and personal solution that will minimise tax and optimise any available reliefs.


Estate and Succession Planning is essential to protect your wealth and ensure it passes on to your successor in line with your wishes. We help clients with life time Transfer of Assets and Estate & Succession planning which involves examining the Stamp Duty, Gift Tax and Capital Gains Tax implications of a lifetime transfer of assets and the Inheritance Tax implications of receiving a benefit under the provisions of a Will.

Tax Thresholds and Capital Taxes Reliefs and Exemptions can change regularly, therefore, regular reviews help ensure your estate plan reflects current legislation. The absence of a will, or one that has not been constructed correctly can threaten the estate or assets.


We help clients to mitigate capital gains tax payable around the disposal of assets by identifying and optimising reliefs on tax payable. Private clients use our services to manage the crystallising of capital losses to offset against future capital gains, seek advice with respect to such reliefs as Retirement Relief and Principal Private Residence Relief and any other Capital Gains Tax reliefs.